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1. How did Public Outreach get my information?

At Public Outreach, we only contact people who have registered interest in one of our charity organisations. We get your information from our charity partners which may be either directly or indirectly through one of their chosen marketing partners. If this call was from a charity you already show support for you can find out more information on how your information may be used via the privacy policy on their website. 

We do not retain, sell or use your details for any other purpose than for the telephone call we've made.


2. I'm on the Do Not Call Register, why have you called me?

Australian charities are exempt from the Do Not Call Register. If you would like more information regarding this we recommend visiting the ACMA website for more information.


3. Why have Public Outreach contacted me on behalf of different charities?

Public Outreach is a leading charity fundraising agency in Australia & Aotearoa and as such, we work with a multitude of charity partners. Our work enables charities to garner more support for specific and important causes, provide crucial updates to supporters on their critical work and inform individuals who have helped on how they've made a difference.

4. Why does Public Outreach have multiple different phone numbers when trying to call me?

As our phone operations utilise an internet service to make calls, our fundraisers are assigned any available phone number at that time. This may change but does not mean the person you are speaking to has.

5. Why does Public Outreach keep calling me when I’ve asked to remove my contact information?

Public Outreach prides itself on ensuring the privacy and data security of individuals. If you have requested your number to be removed but are still getting called, please fill out a request at the top of this page.

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