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PO Goes Digital

How And Why We Started Generating Our Own High-quality, Exclusive Leads For Our Charity Partners.

The last 8 months has seen the launch of our latest product at Public Outreach, and we think it’s one of our most exciting ones yet!

Why Digital?

Our passion for finding good donors has inspired us to be proactive in the digital lead- generation space. High quality leads that deliver a good ROI can be hard to find in a lead landscape that is increasingly complex. However, we do know that great donors are still out there.

Our mission was simple: We are going to find them!

Our years-upon-years of conversion conversations has given us a better understanding of your donors than almost anyone else in the industry. By having the industry’s most effective feedback loop between your lead generation and your telefundraising calls, we believe we will be able to optimise every step of your donor’s acquisition journey.

By bringing both steps of a 2-step campaign under the same roof, we can remove the need for higher lead volumes and focus on the shared goal of maximising ROI. By targeting better quality leads, we aim to reduce the amount of calls needed for the same number of RGs delivered.

What is the ‘PO Feedback Loop’?

The PO feedback loop is all about improving the complete donor experience and conversion rate. Even with a great campaign set-up, you need to be able to optimise in real time to get the best results. By placing the entire process under the one roof we have ultimate control over all spheres.

The PO Digital feedback loop informs:

The Digital Team - Our Digital team meets with call centre teams and listens to real donor calls. This combination of qualitative and quantitative data lets us know what creative resonates with responders and what doesn’t. This is great for uncovering new segments, new topics for creative, and allows us to be more in tune with how your data is performing.

The Call Centre - Our calling team can see where leads have come from, the content they have received, and how they have interacted with a charity’s ads. This leads to more natural, higher converting conversations. As we learn, we also introduce lead-scoring to remove low converting data prior to calling.

The Charity - Campaign reporting collates data from both teams giving charities a clearer picture of who their donors and non-donors are. Our goal is always to provide as much value as we can across all leads (not just sign-ups!) so that charities know exactly what to say to their supporter base and audiences next.

Rather than pursuing focus group research, PO Digital gives opportunities for charities to learn better and deeper insights on their existing audiences as well as the new audiences we discover along the way.

Is PO Digital the answer for everything?

Not necessarily! Where we have seen immense value on campaigns so far is when PO Digital has been added as an extra component to existing programs. The true value is in the mix & overall diversification.

A more diverse lead mix has led to better outcomes and clearer insights across the board on campaigns due to the fact that there is a better ability to see challenges and opportunities across a spread of lead options. The fundraisers also have a better grasp of the content and the various audiences that come through a variety of different channels.

We have also seen our working relationships with digital agencies, internal charity digital teams and lead providers improve and become more effective through this process. PO Digital has improved the ‘digital fundraising knowledge’ levels in every room and every virtual meeting. Collaboration is simply easier when we’re all speaking the same language!

We’re always happy to chat so get in touch today to learn more and meet with our digital and telefundraising gurus!

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