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The Future Of Fundraising - Meet The Newest Leaders at Public Outreach

Many changes have happened at Public Outreach in the past 9 months. Aside from a few exciting aesthetical changes, we also developed more ways to offer career progression to individuals exhibiting fundraising talent and passion. With a strong focus on providing the training and development to grow leaders, we established our new Leadership Development Programme - A rigorous process that up-skills great fundraisers in the aim of producing the next group of industry leaders.

Today we want to celebrate Public Outreach Australia & Aotearoa’s newest leaders who have progressed through our Leadership Programme. Through their hard work and dedication, they are taking huge strides in creating a better world for themselves and for others. Let's meet them.

Ally Roberts (Australia)

Ally has been with Public Outreach for 7 months, and a very passionate 7 months at that! Ally has worked across multiple campaigns from humanitarian and children's charities to animal welfare charities and has gone above and beyond for each organisation she's worked with. Ally brings an incredible amount of energy to every team she's ever been on and is extremely inspiring and motivating to work with. She's a real crowd favourite and quickly forms great relationships with everyone she encounters.

“My favourite thing about the job is knowing that we’re making the world a better place no matter what charity we work on. Even on slower days we're still calling people and getting the word out there or at minimum brightening the day of whoever we're talking to.Sometimes we might be the only positive interaction these people have in a day. I know I end each day feeling much better than I did when I was managing a pizza restaurant and all I did was sell food!"

Ciara O’Driscoll (Australia)

Ciara was promoted after just 3 and a half months at Public Outreach as she is a super reliable, consistent fundraiser and always takes challenges in her stride. Ciara’s strength is her ability to build genuine connections with our donors and her strong work ethic of just getting the job done. As a charity ambassador, she has brought in fantastic results for the RSL and now as a leader she brings consistency and fresh ideas. Ciara loves the fun culture, especially the daily games we play. She finds it really boosts her team’s competitive side and helps drive fantastic results for the charities. GO CIARA!

Hannah Brown (Aotearoa)

Hannah has been with us just over a year now and what a year it has been! Raising over $12,000 in monthly donations, Hannah has worked with all charities in our Aotearoa office, producing great results and we have received amazing feedback from both charities and donors. Since becoming a Team Leader, she has flourished, both professionally and personally, taking on more responsibility and more challenges. Hannah is a great help with new team members, always being supportive and guiding them to become amazing charity ambassadors! Hannah loves the increase in responsibility with her new role as well as the ability to be more creative by planning motivating energisers and games for her team.

Janna Tatafu (Australia)

Janna is the queen of positivity! Her enthusiasm and her ability to make team members feel welcome is the reason she was promoted after just 2 months in the company.

Within her own fundraising, she is great at building hilarious rapport with donors, making them feel special and listened to and she has been effective in applying this to leading her team.

Janna told us, “I have never received so much support in a business before. Working from home you'd think you're working alone and feel quite isolated but no, every single day I am smiling, I am laughing with a team and I am making a difference to people's lives.”

Lisa Cutlan (Australia)

Lisa has been with us for 7 months and in that time she has developed into an incredible fundraiser. Lisa's sense of humour and ability to engage people are second to none and she is such a joy to work with. You only ever hear positive things about her from those around her. Lisa was recently promoted to team leader, a decision that just makes sense. Her dedication, commitment and fantastic work ethic have seen her consistently smash targets and made her an obvious choice for progression. Lisa's favourite thing about her job is the people she works with! Well, we love working with you too, Lisa!

As we enter the second half of 2021, we are excited to see what the future holds for our teams and the positive impact this will have on our wonderful charity partners! Developing leaders has many benefits for both Public Outreach and our people.

Our hope is that the Leadership Programme will continue to give a sense of purpose, create new opportunities people haven’t considered previously, boost engagement and productivity, decrease stress, and constantly offer an environment which fosters knowledge-sharing and creativity.

We cannot wait to see how things continue in the coming months with, already, so many initial positive signs and experiences!

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